Yoga Teacher Training in India - Goa, Dharamsala and Goa
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Yoga Teacher Training
200 Hours Course 100 Hours Course
Without accommodation Euro 1050 Without accommodation Euro 500
With Accommodation + Breakfast Euro 1200 With Accommodation + Breakfast Euro 600
For Rishikesh
Separate room with attached bathroom

Sharing apartment for two person with one bedroom, hall, kitchen & bathroom

Include one out tour also in TTC + cleansing process Materials

(ONLINE)200 hrs yoga philosophy course 180 Euro(Weekend) (ONLINE)15 hrs Anatomy & physiology course 150 Euro(Weekend)

What does Fee include

  • 2 days Yoga stretching massage course

  • Reiki I II III Level Course

  • Tuition Fee

  • Yoga Dress

  • Bag

Yoga branches: Hath Yoga, Shivananda Yoga, Ashtanga and Partner Yoga (Covered Branches)

About the Program: 200 hours/500 hours yoga teachers training course (registered member of Yoga Alliance International)

Our yoga teacher's training program is based on the designs of pure philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Darshan. It aims at all the eight divisions of Astanga Yoga. Yoga is not just setting up Aasana, it consists Yamas, Niyamas, Pranayama, Attentiveness, Meditation Techniques and Mindfulness. Our wide-spread program is woven concentrating on all the divisions of yoga. We accept that spirituality and yoga are very close each other therefore we follow the sayings of Bhagvat Geeta to inspire students spiritually.

Our 200 hours instructor research developed to offer total yoga exercises knowledge, expertise and buoyancy to teach Yoga. After successful completion of this course, we guarantee to provide you a role of a recognized yoga teacher. Your actions with us towards the objective of being a yoga teacher booked you to the appropriate course and aim. We provide you deeper understanding and experience of this spiritual science.

Enriching Experience: Every personal has different idea of knowing. Here we will work with every personal to come up with the right way of generating him/her comprehend yoga practices methods. Our practical and theoretical both quests of coaching, focus to enhance the experience of students. Our highly skilled instructors are consistently scheming to make out program even more student friendly and easy adoptable.

Teaching Philosophy: All of the instructors are fresh and enthusiastic. This is also real that being a excellent student is very essential to master well. Study is a dual way feeding, one from teacher to student and second from student to student (to him/her own) the most thing is regularity.You need to go to all sessions without any gap. Our specific instructors are always there to support you in the class and outside the class too. Their coaching style is very authentic and technically sound. Person who is amateur for the Yoga exercise stream would be happy under the advice of these instructors.

Teaching opportunities: Today the significance of yoga exercises is accepted in a wide-reaching. Students think yoga science as their main stream career option. Doing job in this area gives a total satisfaction as this is the way one can serve the community and the people. Our program opens door to yoga teaching world. After completion of the course our students are awarded with the certificate of the teacher training course. This certificate is valid worldwide. You can start your own teaching institutes too. There are many students in this field now. And there are various oppurtunities too, to get employed in our institute afterwards. Many of the organization are choosing yoga instructors with a good earning package. In the present time there is a big financial opportunity for yoga exercises instructors.

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