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About Maa Shakti Yoga

We are pure yoga training institute, nothing much or less than that. Our central focus is to develope yoga excercising in the mankind. We are registered with “Yoga Alliance International”, which is the globally known name in the yoga sciences governance. There are two different training programs, 200 Hours and 500 hours training programmes. The groundwork of our institute was constructed with the advise of various well known personalities, who are in this field from a long amount of time. With the advise of various spiritual gurus, our institute is creating new script for making great experiences daily. Course is having absolute touch of mysticism regarding non tolerability of commercial viewpoint of Yoga edification.

During the course we ensure that the students experiences house ambiance, we put in the so much of effort and things to make it possible. We provide warm and pleasant ambience of yoga sessions which helps out students to get together with the staff and colleages easily. Offered course consists technical and integrated systems. The yoga branches are mainly Hatha, Shivananda, Ashtanga, Partner Yoga and many more. Not only traditional Yoga, we also assist Meditation, Reiki and other healing courses.

Considering that Yoga practices needs peaceful and unruffled atmosphere, our treaining institute is located with the wonderful thoughts of geological calmness. Our institute signifies a flexible, natural and in depth practices of yoga and medication. /p>

Our teachers are having proper understanding of every aspects of yoga and teach pure yoga only. We are doing our best to make the course even better in quality and effectiveness, so students can set their new levels.

Our central focus is to teach the students how to live life physically and psychologically with the pure yoga excercises. With the help of these excercises we learn to realise the importance of life and health, which is well needed in today’s day scenerio. Yoga shows our inner world and increase our spiritualness. Yoga exercise is a way which allows to partnership actual physical and spiritual exercise.

We shall help to develop such philosophical concepts inside your soul.

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